A tight value chain

Thanks to the cooperative structure of our sector, there is good, close collaboration between all the stakeholders involved in growing and marketing fruit and vegetables. This makes our products more reliable.

Birds of a feather flock together

As individual growers, and within our producers' cooperatives, we ensure the correct grading and close inspection of our products in order to achieve a homogeneous supply.  How do we do that?

The moment of truth

Our products are sold via the clock, the particularity of the auction procedure, or by intermediary. How does that work?

Thanks to our short, integrated value chain and sales by auction, our products are graded, inspected and sold in one flowing movement. This makes the entire process, and the products we offer, more reliable. It is a positive consequence of the proximity between all the stakeholders.


Sorting and weighting on the basis of our expertise and experience


Sales room at the auction