In safe keeping

Good storage conditions are of crucial importance in ensuring that the intrinsic properties of the healthy fruit and vegetables that we grow are retained in the short and longer term.

What does this involve?

Among the factors which are important when it comes to storing fruit and vegetables are the choice of variety, the growing techniques and the time of picking or harvesting. We use scientific research to constantly monitor and optimise these.

When marketing fresh fruit and vegetables, we are constantly seeking the optimum balance between:

Nature, which determines how bountiful the harvest will be and which products are available at which times of year.

The fluctuating demand from customers and consumers within and outside the respective seasons.

Our concern for food thrift.

From farm to auction...

Once picked or harvested, our products are stored for a short time at the auction under  ideal condition wat in terms of temperature and humidity.

...and beyond

Fruit and vegetables of varieties that do not lend themselves from the quality point of view to being stored for longer periods are offered for sale immediately. Naturally, we comply with the cold chain when our fresh products are being transported and brought to the shops.

Longer storage

Apples, pears, cabbages and celeriac can be stored for long periods with no loss of quality, meaning that you can enjoy them all year round. Every kind of fruit is stored separately under its own particular ideal conditions.

Thanks to suitable storage technology, you as a consumer can have an extended period of enjoyment of some fruit and vegetables from our own region, with all their vitamins and minerals retained. That makes your diet healthier. It also ensures that the stocks of the products that we grow can be used to the full, contributing to food thrift.



Apples and pears are stored using the Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO) storage method, where the temperature, oxygen and CO2 levels are controlled in a balanced combination. The result is that the ripening process of the fruit is suspended.