Integrated cultivation and crop protection

To keep the healthy properties of our fruit and vegetables intact, we as Responsibly Fresh growers restrict our interventions in their growth process to the bare minimum required. That is the basic principle underlying integrated cultivation and integrated crop protection.

Principles of integrated cultivation

We combine various cultivation methods and abide by three healthy principles:

Prevention is better than cure (prevention)

Keep your eyes peeled (monitoring en observation)

Intervene as and when required (intervention)

Integrated crop protection

When determining the proper treatment, we as Responsibly Fresh growers combine various different techniques into a whole, doing precisely what is required to guarantee the quality of the fruit and vegetables and limit the ecological and economic damage.

Thanks to the application of the principles of integrated cultivation and crop protection, we as Responsibly Fresh growers can ensure that the intrinsic qualities of your fruit and vegetables remain intact in all circumstances. That is healthier for you as a consumer, and guarantees a low impact on the environment.



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