In harmony with landscape and community

Just as the fruit and vegetables that we as Responsibly Fresh growers produce make a contribution towards your healthy diet, so the environment in which we live and work adds value to your healthy lifestyle.

Fun for man and beast alike

Our orchards, with their standard and half-standard trees, hedges and coppices and strips of grass and flowers, are crucial to the identity of the local park-like landscapes, and create an attractive environment for people and various types of animals. How?

A clear choice

There are some types of fruit and vegetables for which our climate is not ideal, because they need a different temperature, humidity or light conditions. In such cases we have to create a 'microclimate' in the form of greenhouses. We believe it is important for our glasshouses to blend in as harmoniously as possible into their local environment. Why?

Fruit and vegetable growers are team players

As Responsibly Fresh growers, we want to integrate our farms as successfully as possible into the landscape and the community. That's why we try, wherever possible, to forge ties with local nature organisations, or to get involved in initiatives such as the municipal natural development plan (GNOP) or an environmental covenant.

As Responsibly Fresh growers of healthy products, we love to bring nature and people closer together. In this way, we are contributing towards your healthy diet and lifestyle, as well as towards biodiversity.