Who is doing it?

Responsibly Fresh' is an initiative by the Association of Belgian Horticultural Cooperatives (VBT) which brings together producers of fruit and vegetables and their producers' cooperatives from our regions.

Only producers and cooperatives which are making demonstrable efforts with regard to various aspects and criteria to do with sustainability can carry the label. In order to be able to continue using it, they have made a concrete commitment to sustain their efforts into the future. This commitment has been written into a four-year plan. When that period expires, the results of their efforts will be evaluated and they will submit a new, more ambitious four-year plan. This will help to ensure that our fruit and vegetable sector continues to be sustainable. Because sustainability is a target objective; not an ultimate end.
Accordingly, there are strict conditions associated with the use of the label. The same applies to the communication around it.

The participating producers' cooperatives are (...)