Responsibly Fresh

A commitment

The sustainability label 'Responsibly Fresh' is a sign of recognition for all those concerned in the market for fruit and vegetables who seek to make progress in terms of prosperity, well-being and the environment.

Local fruit and vegetable growers and their producers' cooperatives are committing themselves to this process by striving to achieve
• Economically responsible cultivation and marketing of quality products ('profit')
• Optimal input of production resources and limits on unwanted side-effects ('planet')
• With respect for social aspects and human health ('people').

The traders and consumers who buy and consume the products carrying the label are thereby signing up to, and stimulating, the search for sustainability in the fruit and vegetable sector.

A symbol

'Responsibly Fresh':
• 'Fresh' because we are working in the context of fresh fruit and vegetables.
• 'Responsibly' means fruit from socially responsible companies and social involvement.

The shape of the globe
The colours of the rainbow
The letter 'G'
The core as a leaf