Integrated cultivation and crop protection

Producing tasty, healthy fruit and vegetables requires a number of factors: young plants, cultivation, fertilization, water, pruning and so on. The coherent way that we handle all these elements is what is known as integrated cultivation.
Despite our best efforts, no crop is immune to pests, diseases or weeds. How do we tackle these as Responsibly Fresh growers?

Principles of integrated cultivation

We combine various cultivation methods and abide by three We combine various cultivation methods and abide by three healthy principles:

Prevention is better than cure (prevention)

Keep your eyes peeled (monitoring and observation)

Intervene as and when required (intervention)

Integrated crop protection

When determining the proper treatment, we as Responsibly Fresh growers combine various different techniques into a whole, doing precisely what is required to guarantee the quality of the fruit and vegetables and limit the ecological and economic damage.

Integrated cultivation and crop protection play a major role in making fruit and vegetable cultivation more sustainable. Our approach guarantees that your fruit and vegetables remain of higher quality and healthier, while the impact on nature is restricted, keeping the environment cleaner. In this way, our products become more and more reliable.


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