How do we do this in practice?

We might, for example, actively release predatory mites in our orchards as a natural enemy of the harmful fruit tree spider mite. The wealth of fauna attracts insectivorous birds and bats. Raptors eat mice.
In horticulture, leek moth and root fly can cause a lot of damage to our crops. Here again, biological controls are designed to boost the presence of natural enemies of the pests in and around the plots. And if we suffer from a real plague of caterpillars or aphids, we work by reference to the 'alerting and warning' system: as growers, we keep a constant close eye on our land, and follow the alerts issued by experimental stations. If we do end up having no option but to use chemical agents, we do it locally, at the right time and using products that work selectively, thereby retaining or even increasing the potential for natural enemies, helping the fruit and vegetables to retain their optimum quality