Bellino, Ti Amo, San Marzano and Torrito are not Italian cocktails, and Coeur de boeuf or Coeur de pigeon are not juicy cuts of meat. They are all varieties of tomato, with their own specific shapes, tastes and colours, which we grow in response to various patterns of consumption. One might be a healthy snack, another with a glass of bubbly or perhaps in a salad bursting with the flavours of the South.

Red chicory is the party version of ordinary chicory, with a slightly different taste, and arising from a cross between radicchio lettuce and chicory: a special variety for those special occasions.

When it comes to fruit, we have introduced the kiwi berry: a kiwi shaped like a grape, which you can eat with its soft skin. Just like other types of fruit and vegetables, this kiwi berry is highly nutritious, thanks in part to its antioxidants and minerals. It lends itself to various uses: as a snack, in healthy recipes or in the form of kiwi berry syrup. What makes this development so unique is that the hardy kiwi thrives in our Belgian climate and can therefore be grown outdoors, making its ecological footprint particularly small in comparison with its exotic big brothers

We don't just adapt our products, but also our packaging, to make what we are offering more attractive. For instance, we combine various types of lettuce in a single pack to produce a 'multicolor' proposition: people can feast their eyes as well!