Local produce for local people

As Responsibly Fresh growers, we live and work among people. Our producers' cooperatives are in direct contact with traders both at home and abroad. Proximity ensures that we have our finger on the pulse of the market.

Responding better to demand from the market

Although fruit and vegetables are natural products, nature does allow us - by selective breeding and hybridisation - to develop our products. We respond to changing patterns of consumption, the evolution of the eating culture, specific consumption times and new applications. Looking for inspiration?

Local products

Our regions lend themselves so well to growing various types of fruit and vegetables that we can claim them to be 'local'. Think about apples and pears, or chicory and asparagus. The search for resistant, local crops ensures that we can grow these products with great respect for people and the environment. ( ... )

From there, but equally from here

We also grow products which do not naturally thrive so well here in the Belgian climate, and therefore have to be grown under glass, but for which there is a lot of demand here. We have trained ourselves to be able to grow them here, because we believe it is important to do so in accordance with our principles of integrated cultivation. ( ... )

The ideal size

The most useless energy is what goes to waste. When lots of stakeholders are investing time, money and effort in growing delicious, healthy fruit and vegetables and marketing them, we would find it a shame if you as a consumer cannot enjoy them to the full. If that is the case, though, we look for a solution.

The number of varieties of fruit and vegetables that are grown in our localities is very extensive. Because our producers' cooperatives amalgamate crops from many different growers, what we offer becomes even more varied and of better quality. We are serving a lot of people: 100 million consumers within a radius of 300 kilometres around our farms! This makes the distribution of our products better value and more economical. In global terms, this approach is also cleaner for the environment and more transparent and more reliable for you as a consumer.