The power of the cooperative

Fruit and vegetables are often grown on family-run farms which sell their products on an internationalised and highly competitive market. That is why we as Responsibly Fresh growers decided many years ago to team up into producers' cooperatives (the fruit and vegetable auctions).

The best of both worlds

'Cooperation' literally means 'working together'. And that is what we do within our associations and groups of producers.
'Cooperation' also means a legal structure within which decisions are taken on a basis of solidarity and democracy.
What with our producers' cooperatives?

Everyone benefits

The producers' cooperatives offer us as growers a service package that enables us to perform better.
How does it work?

For the trade and export customers, our producers' cooperatives are the go-to bodies. They can hand over their orders and their requirements, and then the cooperatives get together with us to organise the deliveries in terms of quality, logistics and pricing.

For you as a consumer, the cooperative structure guarantees a constant supply of high-quality, safe and sustainable fruit and vegetables at affordable prices. The products are perfectly traceable and subjected to close inspections.

The cooperative structure is typical of our fruit and vegetable sector and makes it better value and more socially responsible for us as growers and for our workers, but also for you as a consumer.





The auctions