Decent jobs

Growing and marketing high-quality fruit and vegetables is not just about products, process and systems, it is mainly about people. As Responsibly Fresh growers and producers' cooperatives, we employ a lot of people in diverse jobs, and we attach a great deal of importance to a decent staff policy.

Getting down to business!

Given that nature dictates when our products have to be harvested, flexible employment is important in our sector. We use permanent staff as well as seasonal workers, and we are also attentive to diversity, offering jobs to groups including those with low educational achievements, the temporarily unemployed and school leavers: people who want to spread their wings and develop their skills get the chance to do so with us. ( ... )

Expertise and motivation

Anyone who takes an interest can learn the ropes on our farms. We attach importance to various types of education, and a good team spirit among our workers. To strengthen the feeling of involvement between our farm and our workers, we stage communication sessions. Mant to know more?

A good working climate

People operate best when they work in comfortable working conditions. So we are constantly on the lookout for ways to lighten the load of onerous jobs and where necessary we apply particular cultivation methods. ( ... )

A concern for health and safety

Because we are working all the time with machinery and appliances, and sometimes also with hazardous substances, constant vigilance is required. We draw up lists of the risks and apply clear safety procedures.

The more socially responsible the management, the more sustainable our sector is. Responsibly Fresh puts 'People' on the same footing as 'Profit' and 'Planet'.