Watertight quality guarantees

European and national legislation requires that anyone active in the food chain has to take responsibility for food safety. As Responsibly Fresh growers and producers' cooperatives, we abide meticulously by the requirements of a whole string of quality systems. This compliance is carefully monitored by external bodies.

Production by the book

In the first instance, we self-check on the basis of the 'Sectoral Guide for Self Checks for Primary Vegetable Production'. This is our own way of seeing that we are applying all the provisions, or whether we might need to adjust them. External, independent bodies supervise this process and also issue us with certificates.
On top of that, we as Responsibly Fresh growers have pledged to sign up to at least one of the existing quality systems. What are they?

Standards at the auctions

Our producers' cooperatives market our products at home and abroad. To enable them to do this, our fruit and vegetables must satisfy some stringent quality requirements. A selection of applicable quality standards. (...)

A passport for fruit and vegetables

We know at all times where every batch of our fruit and vegetables comes from, where it is and where it is bound for. We call this traceability. It is easy to track the movement of our products by reference to number stickers, barcodes and pallet labels. What purpose does this?

It might be clear that the fruit and vegetable value chain works with the precision of a Swiss watch - it's not for nothing that we are so familiar with selling by the clock! In this way, the system runs more reliably and more transparently and the products we supply are constantly of better quality.