You are worried at what is happening to our environment. As Responsibly Fresh growers and producers' cooperatives, we are cleaning up our act more and more. After all, it is nature that provides us with our livelihood.

Nature is the cradle of our crops

Because fruit and vegetables cannot be grown without using the natural elements, we want, as Responsibly Fresh growers, to keep them in the best possible condition and even to improve them. A cleaner environment is essential if we are to carry out our activity and produce healthy, tasty food for you. ( ... )

Integrated cultivation and crop protection

As Responsibly Fresh growers, we have enshrined our determination to create a cleaner environment in our working methods: we value prevention and vigilance above intervening in nature. When we do have to intervene, we do so very selectively and critically, and only at times and in places where we have no other option. ( ... )

Packing and despatching

The cleanest packaging is the one that you don't need, because it does not add anything to the conservation and protection of our products. That is why when it comes to using packaging, we as Responsibly Fresh growers and producers' cooperatives swear by waste reduction, reuse and recycling. ( ... )

In harmony with landscape and community

As Responsibly Fresh growers of natural products, we live from and with nature. So we want to integrate ourselves as harmoniously as possible into nature and community. In this way, everyone can enjoy a cleaner environment. ( ... )

More nature provides the best remedy

As Responsibly Fresh growers, our experience is that while nature often works with us, it does sometimes also make life difficult for us. Even then, we do try to intervene as little as possible, for the sake of a cleaner environment. Because the cleaner the environment, the better nature will be able to work with us. ( ... )

Local products for local people

As Responsibly Fresh growers, we offer a host of local products, but we also grow fruit and vegetables of foreign origins here, for which there is a lot of demand from you as a consumer. We do this because we believe that it is cleaner for the environment if our local people buy local products. ( ... )

Make good use of everything that is produced

While we succeed in getting most of our fruit and vegetables to your plate via supermarkets and food shops, we do still sometimes find ourselves faced with product surpluses. As Responsibly Fresh growers and producers' cooperatives, we also put these to good use. Because that is cleaner for the environment. ( ... )