Better value

You think that a market is not truly sustainable unless all stakeholders benefit from it. As Responsibly Fresh growers and producers' cooperatives, we want to make the cultivation and marketing of fruit and vegetables better value for people, planet and profit.

Nature is the cradle to our crops

Fruit and vegetables are natural products which need natural elements if they are to grow at their best. We all stand to benefit if we as Responsibly Fresh growers husband these elements carefully and judiciously. ( ... )

Packing and despatching

Packaging is important in getting our fruit and vegetables in a high-quality and efficient way from the orchard, greenhouse or field to your fridge. It is better value for all concerned if excessive packaging is avoided. That is why we ourselves, as Responsibly Fresh growers and producers' cooperatives, constantly ask ourselves the crucial question: 'Is this packaging really necessary?' ( ... )

More nature provides the best remedy

Our outdoor crops sometimes attract insect pests and other infestations. If this happens, the best response is to fight a natural disaster with natural methods ... naturally. ( ... )

The power of cooperative(s)

As Responsibly Fresh growers, we chose many years ago to group our largely family-run farms into producers' cooperatives (the fruit and vegetable auctions). This is to our advantage, but it also offers advantages to you as a client and consumer. ( ... )

A thight value chain

The fact that all the stakeholders are close together brings the advantage that we can offer quality and flexibility. This is essential in marketing our fresh, natural products under the optimum conditions. ( ... )

Local products for local people

As Responsibly Fresh growers, we want to ensure that our products are constantly more closely matched to our customers' wishes. The advantage for us is that we can do business better. The advantage for you as a client and consumer is that you get a better service. ( ... )

In safe keeping

As Responsibly Fresh growers and producers' cooperatives, it is very much in our interest to be able to market as many as possible of our products. And your advantage as a client and consumer is that you can enjoy a varied and high-quality supply as often and as long as possible. Good storage conditions are therefore absolutely essential. ( ... )