More economical

You believe that profligacy has had its day. Consuming no more than is required in order to live a good life, now and in the future, is also an important target objective for us as Responsibly Fresh growers and producers' cooperatives.

Nature is the cradle to our crops

The natural elements required by our fruit and vegetables in order to prosper are becoming ever scarcer and thus more expensive. So we as Responsibly Fresh growers use them ever more economically. This is the only way that we can continue to supply you with our delicious, healthy products in the future. ( ... )

Packing and despatching

Making more economical use of packaging and packaging materials means constantly asking yourself the question: 'Is this packaging really necessary?'. If a piece of packaging does not help towards the efficient and high-quality conservation, transport and presentation of our products, then from our point of view it is not. ( ... )

Local products for local people

As Responsibly Fresh growers and producers' cooperatives, we strive to tailor our production of fruit and vegetables to your wishes and needs as a consumer as closely as possible. This means we can be more economical with production agents, packaging and transport, and you with your food. ( ... )

In safe keeping

Nature determines when we harvest, and how bountiful our yield is. It takes no account of when we are going to eat our fruit and vegetables. Thanks to good storage conditions, we can manage our stocks more economically and you can enjoy them for longer. ( ... )

Make good use of everything produced

Making more economical use of our delicious, healthy products means that we also don't allow any surpluses to go to waste. Because we as Responsibly Fresh growers and producers' cooperatives would find that a shame. ( ... )